Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Naked Surfers

Mark and Jeff are former marines who used to be in the same platoon. They both got out a few months ago and are now living it up as roommates on the California coast, going to school and surfing every day. They invited me to come down and crash on their couch any weekend I wanted and I finally took them up on it. I'm not a surfer myself so when they went out I stayed back and jerked off while they were gone (shhhh don't tell LOL). When they got back they stripped right out of their wetsuits--being former marines they are not shy--and as roommates they spend almost all their time naked because why not? My buddy Jeff was pretty horned up from not having time to jerk off for 3 days and I got to tape him as he jerked off. He spurted a huge load on himself, then got in the shower to wash it off, and his buddy Mark joined him!

Enter Here and Enjoy the Full Video At My Straight Buddy!
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