Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Spanish Hottie

Hugo hails from Madrid. He's been working out for 2 years --1 hour, every day-- and the results are impressive, all the more for a 21 year old jock, who started fooling around with boys right at the time he got started at the gym. I wonder... any action in the locker room? With his muscular build and a delicious bubble butt, it shouldn't come any easier. "Oh, no," he says, " Everyone there is so very macho." Someone please teach Hugo a thing or two!

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

2 Hawaiian Surf Boys Naked in Public Together!

These two straight friends have never seen each other naked before... until today! See all the unrehearsed, spontaneous moments of these young men FULLY NAKED on the public beach surfing BALLS OUT for all to see. Watch as a boat full of tourist cruises by watching our two naked surfers as they play in the water together. Andy's big dick dangles and his hairy balls flop around as he STANDS UP on his board and rides a wave into shore! Voyeurs will delight in watching these two young fit surf Studs having some nudist fun together. Lots of bouncing balls and cocks here!


Friday, October 4, 2013

Ex-army Straight show off

Ex-army straight man Ricky is very keen to try making porn at TheCastingRoom but he’s very nervous. As a disciplined army man and keen sportsman Ricky has the body of a warrior. He’s very nervous but the director keeps his orders clear and friendly to make sure he’s comfortable and showing off his fantastic body to the best effect. Even though this is the first time he’s ever been filmed naked he’s very good at being directed into positions to show off his fantastically fit body, pendulous cock and hot pink asshole.

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