Sunday, December 21, 2014

Muscle Jock with an 11" Island Cock!

Robbie - Local Muscle Jock with an 11" Island Cock!
Wow!  Here is one Island Stud with a full 11 inches of man muscle between his legs!  Robbie was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, and 'big' is the perfect word to describe him.  Check out his great upper body, huge pectoral muscles, arms, and well defined rock hard abs.  
 Robbie has been gifted with a mammoth uncut cock that hangs between his legs like the trunk of an elephant!  He loves to touch and show it off for the cameras, and when it's fully hard his hand can barely fit around his massive 11" tool!  Robbie shares with us that he first found out he had such a large dick in High School. He whipped out his cock on a dare and everyone gasped in surprise at how gigantic he was at only 18 years old.
Watching BIG DICK Robbie work with a big knife outdoors naked is so sexy! 


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Missionary leaders converting mormon boys

While a missionary’s primary task is to convert other people, many elders find that in the process they manage to more fully convert themselves. And when these elders return home, they hope to keep alive their feelings and experiences in the mission field. To be sure and steadfast. To endure to the end.
Elder Buckley and Elder Riley have learned so much from one another–about love, about obedience, and about sex. They hope they never forget what they have learned as companions. Their priesthood leaders also want to hammer home these lessons. They know how formative these 2 years are for the boys under their jurisdiction, and they know that if they perform their priesthood responsibilities, the boys will be changed forever Sometimes priesthood duties are a chore, and sometimes there’s nothing else a hot young mormon boy would rather do.

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sexy Hung Muscle Surfer and wrestler

Kody is Back! The super sexy, college, muscle surfer, returns showing off his NEW, rock hard, athletic body! This former, High School, wrestler and football star busts a HUGE Load and gets VERY dirty, working in the garden, fully nude again, in this EXCLUSIVE VIDEO from Island Studs! Kody is an All-American All-Star and can only be seen here in Five, FANTASTIC, Super Sexy, Episodes for Island Studs!

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