Tuesday, January 28, 2014


A blackmail plot against wealthy Football Manager Hans Berlin takes an unexpected turn when Hans stands firm against Issac’s threats, and the men end up struggling on the locker room floor grabbing each other by their suits and trying to over power their rival. Hans pins Issac down and fucks his face, forcing him to suck his dick despite his protests. Hans rams his dick straight down Issac's throat, until he’s got him hard enough to fuck him senseless and really show him who’s boss. Once Hans is inside his tight ass, Issac gives in and takes his thick dick nice and deep, letting the handsome, masculine coach dominate him completely. The men fuck each other right there on the locker room floor with real intensity and chemistry, until they blow their loads. And in case ssac has forgotten his place Hans gives him one final reminder by covering him with his hot cum.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Italians do it Better II_Sicilian Hunk Salvatore

Salvatore is the epitome of the Italian male: black hair, black, bedroom eyes, olive complexion, uncut. He's also impossibly gorgeous and built like a Roman statue. What does this 21 year old hunk do for a living? Acting? Modeling? No... he's a butcher in Palermo, Sicily. A REAL man for our forbidden fantasies.

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