Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hot Arab Guy

24 year old Adam El Shawar has a middle eastern background and grew up in Australia. He plays soccer in his spare time and tells me he has a hot girlfriendAdam is gorgeous. And he doesn't mind showing off that naturally furry body, a nice full round bum, giant soccer player thighs, and a beautiful uncut cock. I was a bit worried that he would be nervous getting naked and getting an erection in front of me, but Adam had no trouble at all. Later he told me that he enjoyed doing the shoot and wants to do it again. In his video Adam tries out fucking a fleshlight for the first time. He pushes it down on the mattress of my bed while he forces his cock in and out of it until he ready to blow. It's one really hot video.


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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ex-wrestler gets his first HJ from a guy

Glen is 28 y/o, 6' 3" tall, with size 14 shoes. He was a wrestler and football player before signing up with the military for a stint.Glen was between jobs and needed a way to bring in some cash, so our friend suggested he get in touch with me to try his hand at porn. It was in Army basic training that a buddy of his brought some porn into the barracks and the two of them ended up horned up and jerking off together. "Battle buddies," as Glen put it with a laugh. Sounded like there might have been a hint of curiosity about guys while he told the story, so I tucked that thought in my pocket. Glen showed up with a 5 day load stored up, so he was raring to get started. He seemed to get off on the cameras pointed at him until it came time to show off his ass. Bent over the chair, Glen's cock started to lose its luster which I saw as my opening. I reached in to give him a little tug and see if I could bring it back to life. After some initial hesitation, Glen agreed to letting me finish him off for some extra bucks. I asked him what it was like having a guy stroke his cock. "It's a little weird," he said. "But it feels good."

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