Sunday, February 12, 2017

Southern Hairy Stud Shepherd

Shepherd is a Southern dude who is all natural. Love his body hair! He has hairy pits, a big bush, and long dangling balls! You can hear a bit of his accent when he answers the questions. He works a warehouse job, but also spends a lot of time training and competing in Martial Arts. It sounded like he has a lot of wins under his belt. He even went to Thailand to train, so he is pretty serious about it. Shepherd is into girls, but said he had messed around with another, swapping oral, when he was young and horny. He figured he'd be fine to do guy-on-guy stuff, and there might be some natural curiosity there. I would love put him with Vander! They look similar, and he does have a nice natural musk trapped in those pits and pubes that Vander would appreciate. He definitely smells like a dude and he needs to have his pits worshipped! Shepherd was very calm and serious about doing the solo. He wasn't nervous, and to be honest, I don't think I ever once saw his cock soft. Even for photos he sprung out hard. He played with himself during the interview, and when he strips down for us, that is about as soft as I saw it. The longer he stood their naked, the harder he seemed to get!

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