Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Southern soldier Brantley strokes one out

Brantley is a southern boy who was a wrestler in high school and still has the tight body of a guy who looks like he could hold his own on the mat. Football was the sport he liked better, but being a smaller guy, he laughed, "I was always getting hit by someone twice my size." Brantley's done a couple videos already and seemed excited about getting in front of the cameras again. Even though none of his friends know he's doing porn now, he said most of them wouldn't be too surprised. He explained that he's "that guy at the party who gets drunk and ends up naked." He's got a wild side and is a bit of a prankster. Once, his barracks roommate pulled a joke on Brantley by intentionally "getting caught" jerking off; just to see if he could freak him out. Brantley, without missing a beat, dropped his pants and, telling his roommate, "Two dicks are better than one," challenged him to a jerk off race. When it comes to jacking off, Brantley said he goes, on average, about three times a day. He saved up for about a day before the shoot and made a couple comments as we were getting things started how horny he was ("God, I can't wait to bust a nut!") When he got the go-ahead, it didn't take long before Brantley worked himself up to a moaning finish onto his stomach.

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